Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can. BUT also remember to use the EXPIRY DATE printed ON YOUR CARD. This date may well differ from the date shown on screen. Sorry if this is confusing. Contact us if this isn’t clear.

If you want to buy something for more than the value of your gift card, simply ask the cashier to split the payment. Pay for the item by another mean and then request the cashier to deduct the balance from your card. If you try to buy something for more than the value of the card, your card will be rejected.

No, our gift cards are single use only. We do provide reloadable cards to corporates so please contact us here to discuss.

No, sorry! If you could, it wouldn’t be a gift card!

Due to E-money regulations, we are restricted to load a maximum limit per card ( £ 300 ). If you buy a card for more than this values, then the load will be split over multiple cards.

This could be because there is not enough balance on the card. If you want to buy something for more than the balance on the card, simply ask the cashier to take a certain amount from your gift card and pay the remaining balance another way.

For security reasons, electronic gift cards are usually sent with a code/pin. If you encounter an error when redeeming your card, this is typically the result of issues with coping and pasting the code. Be sure there are no extra spaces added when entering the code into the retailer's activation field.

Absolutely! Most electronic retail gift cards we offer can be used in-store by simply printing out the E gift card and presenting it to the cashier. However, some retailers have special instructions for in-store use. Be sure to double-check how your retailer wants you to use your gift card in store before you go to the store.

All orders for electronic gift cards are delivered within one (1) business day, but it may arrive much quicker.

Once an order is fulfilled it cannot be canceled, returned, or exchanged for a different retail gift card. Please ensure that your order is correct and the recipient email address is accurate before placing your order.

We have over 800 great retail gift cards and many non-profit donations options, but cash is not a redemption option

Yes, you can buy more than one card.

Cards can be purchased in the currency displayed at (GBP and Euro). However, it is possible to exchange the card for a cards in diferent currency. All available cards after logging into the REWARDS website are in local currencies. We currently support over 20 currencies. We have implemented the DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) service that works without hidden fees in the background, thanks to which you can exchange gift card with cards in local currency.